Collaborative Aotearoa Webinar: Mana Enhancing Debt Management

Mana Enhancing Debt Management Webinar - 23 April 2024

WEBINAR: ACC Live Stronger for Longer and Nymbl

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Webinar with Medtech32 customers with MaxCare Medical to talk about their experience upgrading from Medtech to Medtech Evolutioin.

The webinar is available on demand for members who have missesd this live session. Click here to watch.

WEBINAR: GPDocs Webinar

WEBINAR: Member Q&A Session - 16 August 2023

WEBINAR: Members Q&A Session - 26 April 2023

If you missed the Q&A session you can watch the recording. We will be running these for all members on a quarterly basis, watch out for the next one!

Members Q&A Session - 26 April 2023

WEBINAR: CareHQ - 24 November 2022

CareHQ Webinar on 24 November 2022. If you missed this please feel free to watch the recording. If you would like any further information about CareHQ please feel free to visit their website or email and Rachel or Jenny will be able to help you out.

WEBINAR: GenPro Webinar on 5 May 2022

ZOOM: Covid Clinical

WEBINAR: William Buck - Understanding Personality Types

WEBINAR: Understanding Personality Types

WEBINAR: CV Check - Hire with Confidence

WEBINAR: HR Check and the first 90 days

WEBINAR: Employment Arrangements

WEBINAR: Debt Management

WEBINAR: RNZCGP Cornerstone and Foundation Standards

WEBINAR: Unshakeable Self Confidence

WEBINAR: Systems to get out of overwhelm

WEBINAR: Management in a Bite