Frequently Asked Questions

We suggest you start with the Certificate course. As you build confidence with studying you can switch to the Diploma course at any time.

Go to There are several methods of learning; either face-to-face, by correspondence or learning on-line. There are many advantages to all methods but your costs, time availability and ease of access to learning needs to be considered.


Please email our education portfolio holder if you have any queries.

This will vary between education providers and schools. You will need to contact them directly.

The qualifications are self-funded at this stage. Annually PMAANZ offers scholarships which members may apply for. For information regarding this look at our education page.

Definitely. Studying and working requires the student to use their time management skills to best effect. As you go along the course, you may wish to increase to two papers per semester if you find studying easy or if you have the additional time capacity to do so.

One paper per semester is also recommended if you haven’t undertaken formal study for a while.

Your education provider will be able to advise how many hours is recommended per paper. It is up to you depending on how much your have available to dedicate to your study.

All learning institutions provide students support to study through peer and tutor support. This may include individual or group support either on-line or fact to face.

You may find within your local branch who has completed the study who may be prepared to act as peer support for you.

Please visit to access course content.