Member Q&A August 2023

SUMMARY: Member Q&A - August 2023

PMAANZ Q&A Summary – 16 August 2023 

Mary and Karen ran a Q&A session for our members which had a great turn out of nearly 60 members coming along.  

MECA Update: 

A lot of the discussion for the Q&A was around the Pay parity information document, Mary said she was happy to share with anyone who would like a copy. A copy has been sent to those that attended the session but for those members that didn’t make it we have a copy of that linked below. 

Mentoring Module: 

Mary also gave an update on our Mentoring module and how that works for members. PMAANZ will assist the member with the introduction to a mentor of their choice for those that have registered to be a mentor. The mentor then will accept the mentee and the mentor will email an Agreement to the mentee for them to agree to their terms and conditions. 


PMAANZ does not assign mentors to mentees. The Mentor Directory on the PMAANZ website enables mentees to select their mentor once they have paid the access fee. 

As a Mentor: 

As independent contractors you have the freedom to set your own price for service. PMAANZ has suggested around $65.00 per hour, however this is negotiable between the two parties. 

It is also your responsibility to source your own contract for use with the practice or mentee who contracts you. 

If you are not already an independent contractor, remember to organise a Letter of Engagement template for your mentee and decide how you will set or negotiate a fee for service. You will also need to manage your own tax and GST if applicable. 

Include your name and contact details and space for the practices name and contact details: 

  • Insert a privacy agreement 
  • Include space for both parties to sign- each party to receive a signed copy. 
  • Establish predicted/expected time frame for the sessions with your mentee. 
  • Establish your fees. 

For example:  A set fee OR A set fee + additional hourly rate if time extends beyond this, good practice is for mentees to be notified in advance OR A simple hourly rate for the sessions duration 

Sites with great information, and Templates for engagement, privacy and confidentiality. 

If you would like to find a mentor or would like to be a mentor, please get in touch with to get this set up for you. 

Cornerstone/Foundation standards: 

Discussion on the policies, Equity & CQI module. Celia commented from a GP Docs perspective on polices. We are looking to host a webinar in October with Celia so watch out for the links to register for this after conference. 

Recorded Session:

If you would like to watch the recorded session click here to view.