New PMAANZ Branding

New PMAANZ Branding

On behalf of the National Executive we are proud to launch our new logo which reflects our past present and future of PMAANZ.

With our annual conference moved twice due to Covid it meant we missed our big 25th Anniversary Celebration. We had hoped to include the big launch of our new PMAANZ Logo as part of these festivities however with the delay we do not wish to hold back any longer.

As we have evolved, the executive worked with Ben Thomason of Mana Designs to create a new logo. The intention we hope links our values and the work that the association does to include all our communities and members by incorporating native symbols, patterns and artforms from the cultures of the pacific.

The logo itself is an abstract circle design that signifies connection and equality and has the cross symbol internationally representing health in the centre.

It includes all ethnicities found within the pacific as well as symbolising the wider world.

Within the circle are three sections:

  • These sections represent the deep connection to the past, present and future that flows within the cultures of the pacific.
  • Together these three sections form a whole (or community).
  • The Upper segment represents the largest of the Pacific Islands, Aotearoa.

The Mà„ori pattern is used to tie this segment to the whenua and ground our organisation within Aotearoa.

The two mirrored bottom sections represent our neighbouring Pacific Islands

It seeks to be culturally recognisable in what we represent as an organisation for all our members moving forward into the new Health Reform.

As part of our future, we have chosen to embrace all colours rather than a single colour to not only capture our vision but better reflect our sector and honour diversities within.

We are looking forward to showing off our new brand in conference attendances as exhibitors and also in October for our annual conference.

Watch our video here: 


Jen :) 

PMAANZ Communicatons Executive

On behalf of the PMAANZ Executive